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Leah Lockett is the CEO and Founder of the Jet Set Lifestyle Group, a luxury travel brand and concierge platform servicing UHNWI and those seeking the luxury travel lifestyle.  Having always had an entrepreneurial mind, Leah has multiple businesses under her belt in property and previously fashion. With the flexibility to work from anywhere, Leah loves to travel the world, for both business and leisure and is now fortunate to combine the two as she continues to grow her luxury travel empire.

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Our Team.

Steve Jobs famously stated 'Great things in business are never done by one person, they're done by a team of people', and we're incredibly proud to work with the best in the industry. 

Our dedicated team of industry specialists are on hand to ensure your trip takes place seamlessly. And with our expansive network and global partnerships with luxury hotels and travel brands, we are able to prepare bespoke packages tailored to you. 

With careers stemming from an array of backgrounds including events, entertainment, media, recruitment, real estate and more, our team has decades worth of experience between them meaning no matter your request, your booking is in the safest of hands.



Head of Property & Luxury Travel

Having been born & raised in the south of Spain and travelled widely throughout Europe from a young age, Cassie began to head further a field and traveled to destinations on the other side of the world after leaving school; thus allowing her to give personal advice, experience and knowledge to her clients. 

Cassie has booked travel for celebrities & influencers alike and as a result brings with her a wealth of knowledge and contacts to help make up the sought after Jet Set black book. 
Her aim is to ensure every customer receives a star studded experience from start to finish.

Aswell as luxury travel,  Cassie can provide her clients with luxury lifestyle changes and help them with property investments/ relocation  to Spain. 

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Founder of JetSet MENA Region

With a prestigious background in global corporate events and private jet brokering for 10 years and counting, it was a natural progression to embark on her own business venture in the luxury travel and events industry. 

With her robust network of celebrity clients, friends, and UHNWI she was able to hit the ground running and sustain an abundant nexus between the most prestigious suppliers and consumers. 

Sarah is renowned for delivering an impeccable level of service and tailoring requests to exceed the wants, needs, and desires of the most discerning clients.

Having the freedom to work remotely has led to an exciting relocation to the UAE to expand her network and product knowledge in the MENA region.



Account Manager

Head of Weddings & Events

Ela’s expertise includes, but aren’t limited to, corporate events, luxury and boutique travel. 

She is an experienced travel agent who has visited over 30 countries and is currently travelling the world to give her clients first-hand experiences and advice that someone behind a desk can’t do. 

She believes that its essential to offer her clients a service that will exceed those of online search engines, by understanding your needs, offering extra advice and supporting you throughout your entire journey to ensure each trip you take is unforgettable.

Ela Reeves.jpg


Business Development Manager

Cherida has a decade of experience working within the exclusive events and hospitality industry. Combining her knowledge and passion for luxury travel and culinary experiences she is able to advise and curate bespoke travel packages for our VIP clients. 
With an extended background in luxury fashion, designing and producing one-of-a-kind bespoke dresses for high net worth clientelle, Cherida’s attention to detail, desire for unique experiences and creating memories through her designs and vision makes her a valuable asset to the team.

Alongside advising and arranging bespoke travel experiences for her clients; Cherida is also responsible for developing business and building a sales team in the United States and Central America

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Assistant PA to Team

Head of Client Membership

Connie is an experienced Executive Assistant, and having worked for C-level execs in some of the largest corporations in the UK, Connie fully understands the importance of capturing memories to last a lifetime during downtime.

Connie’s approach is to offer a professional, bespoke service by going the extra mile to ensure that our client’s experience is beyond their highest expectations, with personalised touches during each & every moment.

Connie’s attention to finer details and experience within the luxury market means that you are in safe hands before, during and after your trip.

Connie Pearson.jpg



Head of Incentive Travel

Paul has been in the Sales and Recruitment industry since 2010, initially starting in IT recruitment but then moving over to the Rec to Rec market. In 2013 he launched his own recruitment company which became one the best Rec to Rec’s in the UK with offices in London and Manchester. 
In 2020, the height of the pandemic, he took the opportunity to learn something new in an industry that was more a passion than anything but could plug in to his existing business and network… and became a luxury travel consultant.

Having been on many sales incentives and organised sales incentive trips for his own company he realised that there was a huge gap in the market for a company that could assist, partner with a client, consult them and put together the whole itinerary for their sales incentive trips. Since then he has organised incentive and group travel for anything from 10 to 100 team around the globe.

Paul Kelbie



Head of Corporate Travel

Phil has years of Corporate travel knowledge & experience, having worked on behalf of record labels, tv production companies & multiple European sportscar companies. 

Phil manages corporate travel whilst also being the main liaison between the client and hotel destinations. 

Phil has a hands-on,  professional approach to working & is available to clients 24/7.

Phil Whitehead.jpg


Head of Marketing

Molly manages our social media profiles, writes our monthly newsletter and blog and is a pivotal part in the marketing of our brand and portfolio.

Molly Lockett.jpg


Manchester, UK



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